Loan Amount Calculate House Construction

The loan amount is therefore higher than the amount you want to invest in building a house. In return, the loan amounts are significantly higher than at that time. In this way, you will receive the amount that you can spend on building your house. To calculate the purchase or construction price of the property. You can also use our service tools in advance, such as the loan calculator or the extensive home loan checklist.

Well secured for house building

Well secured for house building


In addition, the client bears the sole responsibility of the client for the entire route. If there occurs a misfortune, he has to take over the expenses incurred. However, very few people have experience in housing, so that you easily forget something in the planning and construction phase. With a monthly pension you then secure your living standard. If you can not pay for a certain period of time or only to a limited extent for the maintenance, the health insurance takes over after a work accident, the expenses.

In the statutory health insurance only the accident costs are incurred, which occur at the workplace or on the direct return trip. All accidents that occur in the free time, at home or when doing sports must be covered privately. According to the Bauter, more than 70 percentage points of all occupational accidents occur during free time.

This makes it possible to continue to pay the loan installments. The disability allowance is the most significant achievement in the accident check. It can be used in addition to the wage compensation, for example, for the handicapped accessible renovation of the building or for the assumption of therapy or drug costs, which are not covered by the health insurance. The family should always remember to insure all family members who are covered by accident insurance against the consequences of accidents.

The children’s accident insurance is not about the replacement of wages, but about a disability-friendly conversion or improved medical care. From the conclusion to the calculation to the change, we have prepared all the topics for you. There are several ways to secure a loan at the house bank.

If the loan amount is selected in the right order of magnitude, the loan can be repaid in full and the relatives do not have to raise any liabilities. This also applies to the death of the borrower. You only pay for the actual need for insurance. The conclusion of the residual debt insurance is done together with the credit. Many banks provide them as collateral for their loans.

Building owners need a comprehensive deposit protection. When building a house there is a risk of building damage and accidents. This can lead to significant expenses that do not arise alone. In case of damage to the building, the client is liable. In addition to the expenses for medical care and support, the customer may be entitled to compensation, compensation for lost profits and possibly a lifelong retirement pension.

For everything that happens on the construction site, the owners of one- and two-family homes are responsible. It must be ensured that the building plots are adequately secured and that all building regulations are complied with. Principal, contractor and contractor are jointly liable according to the BGB. Therefore, building owners are required to periodically check that all safety measures have been taken.

The principal’s liability insurance covers all the dangers that other people face at their construction site. In addition, no compensation for intentional or non-compliance is provided. Anyone who wants to make a contribution to the structure must include this separately in the protection. Fire, lightning and explosion damages are covered by the fire insurance.

With this optional supplementary insurance, building owners can best shield their home from the first downing. A construction data insurance covers contractors and clients from damage caused by these unpredictable natural events. This insurance covers the customer from several dangers. Uninsured by the Baulast Insurance are damage caused by fire or equipment.

Construction insurance

Construction insurance


The construction insurance covers the additional financing costs incurred by the contractor by contracting one or more other companies to carry out the demolished construction work. Add to that the daily costs of a decommissioned city. The client has to keep the bank interest for the unused part of the loan. As a rule, the contributions are passed on to the client.

But a construction company that can provide such coverage is, in most cases, a serious contact for housing. The warranty protection protects against damage after completion of the work. It provides additional safety protection in the event of an accident on the construction site and on the way back and forth. Only the client is responsible for all traffic accidents along the entire route – even if the construction worker was simply awkward.

What every builder should consider: Anyone who helps on the construction site must be registered with the BG Construction as an assistant. Excluded are only the builder himself and his spouse and hourly favors. Some insurance policies protect homeowners in the event of damage before the sinking. Fire, lightning, detonation, cyclone and hurricane or drinking water are sudden incidents that can severely affect the building fabric of a building.

In contrast to household insurance, homeowners insurance covers all damage to walls, floors, foundations and other fixed components of buildings such as buildings. As windows and windows responsible. Home insurance covers fire, lightning, explosion, severe weather, hail and water damage, but no other natural hazards such as flood of the property, quakes, subsidence, landslides and snowfalls. The household insurance assumes the damage costs for the inventory in the house.

The household insurer protects you against fire, lightning, explosion, tap water damage, thunderstorms and hail damage, burglary and destruction and thefts during the trip. Fuel oil can damage large quantities of groundwater or running water. Homeowners who heat with oil should therefore think early about appropriate protection. If the oil tank should be spilled, a water damage liability insurance – also an oil tank insurance – takes over the incurred expenses.

Otherwise, the protection of the insurance in case of damage is threatened. The homeowner has the opportunity to decide on any damage against which they want to insure their property. Significantly more insurance policies for building owners need to be completed. If you have a large loan for your own home, you should definitely insure it by taking out a risk or residual debt insurance so that the installments can be paid in the event of illness or death.