Mortgage loan PLN 375 thousand Mortgage loan comparison

Mortgage loan PLN 370 thousand. Comparison of mortgage loans PLN 375000. The value of the property is PLN 450,000.

Real estate, it can be, for example, a house, a flat, a building plot.

The calculation of loan installments is only an estimation and an example. The calculator is primarily used to read information about the proposals of banks in the mortgage segment, as well as contacting a bank or loan adviser.

No loan calculator (above and other financial websites, including bank websites) should be treated as a collection of loan offers, recommendations, invitations to contract or as advisory services.

Providing detailed information on the costs of a mortgage loan that we obtain in a bank or a financial adviser, the principles of its repayment is possible only after analyzing the creditworthiness and creditworthiness of a person applying for such a loan.

Mortgage loan PLN 375 thousand offers of banks and advisers

Mortgage loan PLN 375 thousand offers of banks and advisers

When checking and comparing mortgages, the APRC and total costs must be taken into account. Collecting such data enables a better comparison of available loan proposals. The information form that we will receive at the bank will look similar to the example of a representative housing loan at PLN 375,000 in an example bank:

APY for mortgage loans secured by a 3.84% mortgage.


The loan term is 21 years.

The total amount of the mortgage loan PLN 375,000.

Variable interest rate 3.62%. The reference rate WIBOR 3M 1.73% and margin 1.89%. The margin is increased by 1.3pp. until the entry of the contractual mortgage becomes valid. Assuming that this will happen within 3 months from the conclusion of the loan agreement.

The total cost of the loan PLN 168 042:

  • 1% commission – 3750 PLN,
  • interest 164 073 PLN,
  • tax on civil law transactions (PCC) PLN 19,
  • the cost of mortgage entry in the Land and Mortgage Register of PLN 200,
  • payment for a savings and settlement account (ROR) PLN 0 (while maintaining the condition of monthly income PLN 5,000).

The total amount to be paid 543 042 PLN.

252 monthly equal installments of PLN 2152 after the collateral is established.

Calculation made on 13.11.2017 on a representative example.